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The result of 10 years hard work

Case: approach and results of Lions Belgium MD112 over the past 12 years. Premises : During the annual edition of the National Games of Special Olympics, there is an additional program which is free for all athletes: the Healthy Athletes Program (HAP). With this program, athletes have the opportunity to get a free medical check-up in 7 domains: Fit Feet, Fun Fitness, Health Promotion, Healthy Body, Healthy Hearing, Opening Eyes, and Special Smiles. ( Each domain has his own Clinical Director.  Two of our Belgian Clinical Directors are also Regional Clinical Advisor for the region Special Olympics Europe Eurasia. One of our Belgian Clinical Director is a Global Clinical Advisor, giving advice on a global level. Gathering historical data: Because Lions Belgium MD112 has been supporting this program with logistics support over the past 12 years, it was possible to gather some historical data on the health